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Selecting the Right Dress to Wear when Going to a Western-Themed Wedding


If you are planning to travel to another country as a guest to a western-themed wedding, you don’t really need to dress deliberately. You can wear whatever you want as long as it fits the theme. Just stick to the level of your commitment to join the celebration and consider your comfort and body type when choosing a dress and accessory.


What to Wear in a Western-Themed Wedding

Depending on your body type there is a specific dress that may look good on your figure. Tall and long legged women may look good on everything. Dressing up for a wedding needs careful thought on what type of accessories to use for a particular dress. Here are some of the suggested outfits when travelling and attending a western – themed wedding.

  • Feminine dress with boots – A feminine dress paired with western boots is a perfect choice of outfit. A woman should consider how much to expose and cover when choosing a feminine dress. Options can include sleeveless to long or short length. A dress is not only a simple piece of clothing. This is the best friend for those who have some flaws to camouflage.


  • A white blouse and denim skirt with boots – You can choose a peasant white blouse or a simple western shirt to pair with a denim skirt. To make your outfit a little bit formal you may choose a laced top or white eyelet. For the skirt you can choose one with a feminine flair or a plain denim type depending on which one you think would look good with your boots.


  • Budget option iteration for option 2 – In case you already own a denim skirt you can choose a cheaper option for a white shirt. The feminine western shirt or peasant shirts with or without sleeves are cool and affordable. They would look good when paired with boots that go along with these dresses.


  • Denim dresses – There are affordable denim dresses available in the market today. This type of dresses will look nice when worn with the right pair of boots during a western themed wedding.


Important Elements When Dressing up for a Wedding    

When dressing up for a wedding in your Marrakech holidays, you just have to feel confident with the outfit you are wearing. One of the interesting factors that can contribute to your confidence is your make up. Even if this is not the main element of boosting your femininity, it remains the favorite way for you to feel pleased about yourself.


The more feminine power is emphasized in a woman’s individuality the more class and intelligence will be shown in her. This is usually expressed through the type of dress she wears.  .

Author Bio: Cynthia Burson  is a wedding planner and writer. Her expertise has enabled her to write a book about her Marrakech holidays and other travel destinations.